Tuesday, 29 September 2015

High Position (Designation) - Low in action?

High Position (Designation) - Low in action?


Updation in their work:

Mainly it is happened because of their fewer competencies in work and very much slow in taking decision. Even educationally qualified with experienced people will also fail to shine in their business / work. This failure is due to lacking of update themselves. For updation, it needs some training, awareness program, various workshops etc., in a continuous occasion. In the private sector especially in the IT field, they are doing this updation by recruiting higher / fresher personnel frequently.

In this highly competition world, one who is not updating in his work related field, he/she will be simply thrown away. But in the other sectors like manufacturing, services, it will be maintained periodically to provide necessary training in-house / outside to the important personnel.

In the Government sector, the updation is a great question mark?  In the Government sector the promotion is purely based on the number of year experienced in his/her job, recommendation which is irrespective of their qualification, performance, updated in knowledge, having talent, capacity to do all work etc.,

Due to laziness many of the people is not ready to update themselves. They are mostly engaged with their day to day activities.  Most of the time, they are spending with friends, TV, mobile and some time in their work.

Lack to handle priority:

Most of the people in the office / house are failed in their work mainly due to handle their work in priority manner. People don’t know which top priority is and which lesser priority is. To handle top priority work needs some extra-ordinary skill, speed in work and quick decision which will make without any lose or penalty. Those who are directly affected / involved in their work can only realize the effect on priority work. Those who are all away from those work will be always in safe. We can say an example, seeing a boat from the seashore is very much safe than sailing in the boat.

Delegation of Responsibility to the qualified person:

One man can’t see all the work. It needs some second line person. For a same action (reports, bills, expenses etc.,) multi person’s verification and checking will make delay in action. One thing we have to consider in this situation that is nowadays nothing has standard value / rate / price. Day to day it has been changed even many changes happened within a day. Some things / goods / materials has one price in the morning and it may be either more or less in the evening. In this situation how can we verify the things price after few days /months? Many of the suppliers quoted their price in a stipulated time which is very much minimum time. Some of the industry due to resignation of some key person, some of the crucial works are kept pending. For that it needs some alternate solution or contingency plan.


If anyone wants to retain in the top position or want to achieve top designation, he/she must be updated in all his / her job related things.