Friday, 6 July 2012

ஒற்றையர் ரம்மி சீட்டு ஆட்டம் - SOLO RUMMY WITH PLAYING CARDS

ஒற்றையர் ரம்மி சீட்டு ஆட்டம்   



·        This game is without Joker

·        Total cards 52 (4 x 13 )

·        You will be served only 13 cards or you take only any 13 cards.

·        As per Rummy rule you have to play.

·        You can take any card from the remaining cards and
·        You have to arrange a set of any three or four cards 
        having the same rank (like A or J or Q or K) or same 
        number (2 to 10)e.g. 8♥-8♣-8♠ or A-A♣-A♠ or any three 
        consecutive cards that are of the same suit (same 
        symbol)e.g. 3♥-4♥-5♥-6♥ or A♥-J♥-Q♥-K♥ or 10♥-J♥-Q♥-
        K♥ or A♥-2♥-3♥ etc.,

·        Winner – Who has arranged with minimum cards taken from the remaining cards.

·        That is, say you arrange all sets from 8 cards and also for the same you can arrange sets from 5 cards then, 5 cards arrange is winner.

 For Example:

As per Figure – 1 you have served 13 cards

Figure: 2
You have judged the following 5 cards are not suitable to arrange sets.

Figure: 3
You have taken 5 yellow shaded cards from the remaining cards to arrange sets. 

Note : If you want to see it in a FULL SCREEN - Click right corner 4 direction arrows.

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