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Traffic Signal by PPT with Time, Time delay and Date - 
Without Micro-processor
See the sample video
by K.K.Gangadharan




The bond between time and human life can’t be separated. Daily the trend of time-bound activity is increasing. Electronic devices are having time which is dynamic and it can utilize to set up a countdown timer in traffic signals. Traffic signals are a sign and playing an important role in roadways. Accidents could be avoided if timers were working properly. This operation requires an accurate and flexible intelligent performance. Latest improvements in traffic signal controlling systems which are not having appreciable performance measures. Traffic signal is dynamic and nowhere it is not synchronized with real-time. The present traffic signal operating system and maintenance is tedious and costly. These projects give details on how to traffic signal can be controlled easily, economically, accurately, quality, speedy, and friendly by MS office powerpoint with server real-time. The major reasons leading to traffic jamming is the high number of vehicle which is increased by the population, signals failure is due to power cut or blown fuse in the circuit, signals may not be provided and ignore traffic rules. Even signals are provided, the countdown timers from red light to green and from green to red light are not working continuously due to poor and hard in the maintenance system. Jamming on roads ultimately results in slow-moving traffic, which increases the time and pollution too. This project explains how to display signals light with timing on LCD display with an internet server time-based MS office Powerpoint presentation and how to modify signal timing during the peak, lean, holidays and festival time. Additionally, it is possible to set emergency time, communicate the status of upcoming signals, recording  traffic video, display the road rules, announcements through speakers, animation based signs, centralized signal monitoring, these signals can be downloaded as apps in the mobiles, etc., This project comprises a standard system in the traffic signal. There are so many formulas to arrive at the signal timing. All are worked out based on the number of vehicles passing through the signal. But these calculations are failed due to the number and size of the vehicles that vary from time to time. This project’s signal timing calculation is based on the acceptable vehicle crowd distance and whatever the number of vehicles maybe.  That is Signal timing (Green to Red)= Acceptable vehicle queue distance (200 Mts) /Average speed to cross the distance from Zero (20 km/hr). We get = 36 Sec.
Time and human life are interconnected. Without time we can’t imagine anything. The time factor is very important for nature as well as humans too. From birth to death, this time acts as a crucial role in all aspects. Many of us this, time may be called as ‘fate’.  Depends upon the result, people are saying ‘Good time’ or Bad time. Changes in the earth, arts, science, history, culture, civilization, etc., all are described on the basis of timeline only. Time is a piece of evidence for happening of any incidents. Time is a very important and precious one because time is once passed; it will never become again. Obviously, any action won’t be done without time. Even it happens then that action becomes meaningless.

Why the time so important is; only because of its dynamic nature and constant to every people. The time is very significant to everyone, especially for working people. In fact, nowadays all work carries based on time only. The role of time is very much essential in information and communication technology. In any manufacturing, marketing, business or service, the linking of time is an inevitable one. It is rare to find without time in any electronic, computer or mobile device. As for my knowledge, still the usage of time aided computer is not used up to the mark. Even though many devices are having date, day, time, it has used only for to know the current time. But beyond that, too many features are there to utilize time in many fields and even in entertainment. Around us there are so many activities are happening dynamically. Even though the watch and clock is running, it is seen to be idle.  Both of these we can change it dynamically in our own way. It is also one of the ways to control time rather than utilize it.  Also, we can plan time effectively and precisely.

One thing we must remember, even certain things are seen as dynamic but we can’t realize its dynamic effect. For example, the traffic signal is a dynamic one but we can say confidently it shows dynamic effect. Moreover, its operation system by microcontroller or computer is a very tedious one. Like that our watch, wall clock, memorable photos, videos, pictures, education books, TV channels, films, songs, prayer, advertisements, etc., all are somewhat idle.    

For whom and why is time management important? For some people, time is running very fast and for many people, time is moving very slow. We may hear this dialogue from some people, “I have no time!” because, for them, time is a money-making machine. But many of us are passing their time without effectively. Simply we can say that they are wasting their time. Even though time is running and seeing the change of hour, minute and seconds format, it reflects nothing to those people in useful ways. So time depends on how we manage our time and what we do with it. People use time for alarm, count down, clock, stopwatch, etc.

1.    Happy
We can see some people always be happy. It is due to; they plan and use their time without any break. Time is gold. If you lose your golden time then time will lose you.

2.    Time is constant
Everyone has twenty-four hours time each day, and it's content. Moreover, once the time is passed, it can’t become again. Therefore it's important to use it more than an average at the workplace.

3.    Better achievement
For every achievement time plays an important role. We can also say time monitors them to complete their tasks. It is not only merely shows the time, but it is better to show their achievement by means of percentage in each and every second or minute or hour. If the percentage is increasing trend, then we can conclude that our steps are in the right direction.

4.    Better decisions
Pre-planning will lead to better decisions. Also, date and time-bound planning definitely gives better results. It is not only showing time but it is alert or caution to all. It helps to choose the right choice and also it helps to change our work or method. When we adopt good time management, you have more time to plan; this allows us to determine which choice is the best to do our work without any interruption.

5.    Experience and learn more
Time is a teacher who teaches us a lot. If we understand time then we can gain much more experience from it. For the same work, time will help us to success and another time it will drag our failure. When we organize our time powerfully and we will do our work more efficiently. In turn, we can able to learn more and increase our experience faster.

6.     Relax, stress and tension free
Nowadays for young students too facing blood pressure, stress due to their study and various reasons. Generally, people are very much aware and work sincerely in the last hour or neck of the movement. In that, there is no use. This is the main cause of stress. In this stage mind may work fast but physically work can’t do as fast as mind. Necessary steps is to be taken previously and avoid such rush work.

7.    Higher quality work
Our daily routine has many activities. It is a chain and all are inter-connected directly or indirectly with time. If we are doing our work properly in time then one by one the work will be completed. Our work also becomes quality. We also get some free time and our mind will be relaxed. But many of us don’t do their work on time. So more and more will be accumulated. Ultimately our quality of work will be spoiled. So naturally, tension will be created. So quality people use time quality.

8.    Improve discipline
Our life depends upon the time management. This character will give a good name for you. Also, others can judge you very easy due to your punctuality.

We take any house, organization, government, business, service, educational institution, hospitals there will be some of the main photos, and videos are lying idle. But they see it or review it rarely once in a while due to ‘NO TIME’. For that, they spent money as well as time. We can utilize these sweet memories by setting in time program. Not only this, where the time-related work/display like traffic timing is happening there this server time-based program can be used. Nowadays most of the people are having camera mobile. So they can easily take photos, videos, etc. Some of them shared in the social network. Those things can be uploaded in an organized manner in this server time-related program. Not only this, but we can also upload renewals, reminders, birthday, wedding day, assets, investments, etc., by means of pictures. Moreover people like anything in the form of videos or pictures formats. Then only they can easily keep in memory.    
What are the reasons lead to traffic jams?
The major reasons leading to traffic jamming is the high number of vehicle which is increased by the population, signals failure is due to power cut or blown fuse in the circuit, signals are maybe not provided and ignore traffic rules.

Why is traffic a problem?
The infrastructure of road is not been expanded to accommodate the increase in population and vehicles.

What are the impacts of traffic congestion?
Jamming on roads ultimately results in slow-moving traffic, which increases the time and pollution too. Also additional wear on vehicles and roads as well as social/psychological impacts like increased anxiety, stress and road rage.

What causes the problem of traffic jams in big cities?
During Traffic jams the volume of traffic has increased in a multiple manner. Other causes include the damaged condition of roads, bad performance of drivers and violation of traffic rules. Due to all these reasons, road accidents occur on a daily basis.

How can the traffic control improve?
The clashes arising from movements of traffic in different directions are reduced by the time-sharing principle. The advantage of traffic signal includes an orderly movement of traffic and reduced some psychological effects.

Signals can fail for different reasons, such as a power cut or blown fuse in the circuit.
Traffic signal cycles
·         Red – Stop
·         Green – Proceed with caution, but only if the way is clear
·         Amber – Plan for stop

Cycle length
               Cycle length is the time in seconds that it takes a signal to complete one full cycle of indications. That is Green – Amber – Red. It indicates the time interval between the starting of green for one approach till the next time the green starts

Our project explains the display signals and countdown timing by LCD display with an internet server time-based MS office Powerpoint presentation and how to change signal timing during the peak, lean, holidays and festival time. Additionally, it is possible to set emergency time, communicate the status of upcoming signals, recording  traffic video, display the road rules, announcements through speakers, animation based signs, centralized signal monitoring, these signals can be downloaded as apps in the mobiles etc., Our project comprises a standard system in the traffic signal.     
           Advantages and improvements
     1. Road signals are having a minimum of three types of color light display which will be helpful to avoid accidents at the same time it gives comfort to driving, walking, crossing people. So it should be sharp and should not be failed.
     2. This is a computer program real-time based signal system or MS office powerpoint with real-time display that will not be overlapped or failed at any cause and any situation. It is very easy to install with fewer maintenance problems.

     3.Traffic signals can be displayed for one, 2, 3, 4 or 5 ways or even multi-roads too.
     4. All three types of colors are displayed in one screen with additional information.

     5. In the road junctions, the real-time linked countdown timer is very much helped the people to avoid traffic jam and accidents

    6. This real time-based countdown timer is working independently in the road junction without any overlap. Due to the provision of real time setting, we can easily set the signal timing. (If we know the accepted vehicle queue distance and the average speed of the motor. Then we can easily calculate the signal timing)

    7.  Many signals some time is not functioning properly due to various reasons like rain, power failure, wind, poor availability of maintenance people. But this method of signal will not arise any problem. Even we can change, modify and edit the signal timing from the control server itself. Nobody needs not to go to the spot as in the present system.

    8. Moreover, it is possible to add the camera, sensor, speaker in this type of screen.

    9. We can add and display the road rules related text.

 10. Can convey some information like police showing Stop, Go, board, Emergency announcement, take a diversion, the status of the next signals, ie clear, jam, regular etc.,

   11. Displaying countdown timer along with time clock is the added advantage to all..
   12. For regular road using people, their routes signal may download in their mobile. So that they can plan and know the current status.

   13. We can change the program from the central server, i.e leave day’s traffic will less, in that occasion, change / reduce the traffic signal timing accordingly. This will comfortable for the people. We set the program Day, date and time-wise. But presently, all days are having same traffic time.

  14. Change the instruction of road rules whenever is required.

  15. It is possible to relay some road traffic videos at regular intervals.

  16. All signals can be monitored from one place..

  17. It is operated by the help of the internet. So It has not required wiring as in the present system.

  18. Display maybe LCD not LED..

  19. Some ads can be displayed. 
  20. Due to the provision of real time, we can use it as a wall clock, instead of uploading signal, we can upload images and video, memories, business, film, education, news, etc., on a real-time basis which are to be needed.   
            Thus server time can be used in traffic signals as well as in our daily life by doing a simple program.
Everyone has ‘Time’ in many forms like a watch, clock, computer, mobile, TV, etc. Also day by day ‘Changing of activities, price, interest, taste (images, videos, songs, etc.,) with respect to Time’ are increasing directly or indirectly. For example, traffic timer, bank / Post office interest, Petrol / Diesel price, Gold / Silver price, Groceries / Vegetable price, Share prices, Radio / TV program / Meeting / Renewals etc. To use or get data after some complication operation. But by the using of computer, information and communication technologies we can get automatically within time.   

My project is very simple, all the above time-based activities may be linked with system/server time by selecting date and time. This time-based activity maybe our wish (uploading our images or videos) or an external one.

For easy understanding, I have shown some PPT presentations to you.

1.       Present watch, clock, mobile, computer models and my project models

2.       How to this project in Traffic timing in Four-way – Sample (In this we can easily check the time in each side as well as feel the timing too)

3.       Sample of Traffic – Single way (instead of critical microcontroller to easy and simple system/server time)

4.       Easy verification by excel method instead of some tedious calculation.

Every second we can realize the Red, Yellow and Green time by the way of respective color shading.
                                                               See this video

See the sample Video - converted from PPT


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