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Ruling of Invisible X- organisms in the earth - By K.K.Gangadharan, Madurai, Tamilnadu, India.

Ruling of Invisible X- organisms in the earth

By K.K.Gangadharan, Madurai, Tamilnadu, India.


This paper explains the presence of invisible X- organisms around us and also further delivers its nature, survival and vital role too. It is true; microbes are everywhere - in oceans and seas, lakes and rivers, forests and grasslands, plants and animals and of course humans to across the planet which are safeguards us in many ways. In the hand, extinction is not at all avoidable and it becomes a normal part of evolution. Species come and go continually. The cause is reflected usually local. For example, an island might sink beneath the waves, a lake might dry up, fertile land might dry desert and an invasive species might outcompete another. Sometimes many species (unknown names) disappear together in a short time.

‘Air’ is nothing but oxygen and it is very much essential for all earth living beings. Air is a natural environment (particularly the layer nearest to the earth surface) shelter for invisible X- organisms/microorganisms because it contains enough moisture and nutrients to support their growth and reproduction. Also, it gets alive by means of moistures and nutrients from leaves, vegetables, flowers, fruits, etc. In the atmospheric air contains many gaseous, dust particles, moisture along with the many living beings of invisible X- organisms and visible microorganisms.

From the creation of this earth planet  to till date current year 2017, do we know how many kinds of human, animals, spices, creatures, birds, plants, invisible X-organisms, visible microorganisms, fruits, vegetables, flowers and including some water living being were washed away from the world? This might happen various known reasons like due to by pollutant, atom bomb, culture, civilization, war, science, technology, nutrients style, climate change etc., and some unknown reasons like by earthquake, volcano, tsunami, flood, too hot or too cold temperature, bad living environment etc.  Nobody knows! When, where how? It was happened? Is it not? In fact, so far we are taken its an account such microorganisms which are physically seen or can see by sophisticated tool like various types of microscope etc., till date we don’t have any aware of some wonderful invisible X- organism called X-Microorganisms.

These X- Microorganisms can’t be seen in our eyes as well as any types of magnification instruments that are currently available. Now you may ask a question to me, then how can we accept invisible X- organisms present? We can feel by smell, by touch, by change of colour, size, and shape and by its actions or functions. For easy understand about these X-Microorganisms it has given elaborately and has clarified it.


“The War of the Worlds” by H. G. Wells as a young teenager and its opening lines were defining, introduction to the wonder and hidden power of microbiology. We are now slowly realized that all life on Earth was dominated by some invisible organisms which we couldn’t see. Who may call it as microbes like the best chemists, scientists, and researchers on the planet? It’s one of the most elegant examples of this is how they fix nitrogen from the atmosphere into plant cells to build proteins, DNA and some of the molecules which are needed for life.

It is no doubt, we and other living being’s survival, should need more greenery plants, trees, etc. We know for plant cultivation, it needs some space with good soil and the environment and we should also maintain the same. For that we have to do some expenditure. But it is not in the case of X – Microorganisms culture development. If we expose all our daily used organic waste to air, automatically it has consumed by X – Microorganisms and in turn, its inhabitants will be increased. Generally organic waste consists of pure water and nutrients. Due to X- Microorganism’s action the environment becomes clean and major pollutant gases will be purified.

Also dried organic waste pulverized form with soil mixing increases the flower blossom rate and soil fertility. For this no need any additional expenditure and space. We each one do the above in our living premises itself, ultimately the environment contains more X – Microorganisms inhabitants. Due to its action, we can get pure air. So our breathing air will become fresh and healthy. This way we can get rid of some harmful diseases. If this X – Microorganisms enter our body it gives immunity and energy to us. All living beings both in the land as well as in water living also will be benefited. Then there is no need to spend more money to cure diseases. Because disease causing microorganisms, pollutant gases, wastes will be destroyed by this X – Microorganisms.       

       Integrated Management System of Microorganisms (IMSM) concept

An Integrated Management System of Microorganism (IMSM) means to integrate all the microorganisms that are available in the earth planet whether it is visible (by using any type of microscope) or invisible (confirm by its action) by nature. Its systems and processes carry on one complete framework, enable to work as a single unit with unified objectives towards sustaining of quality air, clean environment and provide a healthier atmosphere to all kinds of living belongs on the earth.    

Extinct applicable for X – Microorganisms too

It may be right, in the earth initially all species were survived and acquire their nutrition / energetic food from air in the form of gaseous like O2, CO2, N2, H2O (moisture) with the help of solar energy and various kinds of high energetic microorganisms lived in the atmosphere. All they lived comfortably without any problem because its respiration was by breathing / respiring / consuming the above which are available plenty in the atmosphere. This may be possible because in some historical stories, the ancient people lived more than five hundred years.

For example, we heard about Dinosaurs extinct which the biggest one in animals was. Now the elephant is the biggest animal so far. Soon it may be a chance to extinct one day. Likewise Neanderthal humans became extinct. In sea living Whale is the giant one. It may be under extinct list. It will take too many years because we are worrying about extinct causes inland rather than sea living. Likewise extinct might be happened in some kinds of birds, snakes, insects, plants, tree categories. After facing some extinct evolution, present living beings continue its survival in the earth might be crossed too many hurdles.

The same extinct incidents might have happened to some kinds of microorganisms also. But due to invisible in nature we may least bother about that or it might have happened apart from our knowledge. Due to before said reasons some kinds of high energetic microorganisms might be extinct from the environment. To make up its energy as well as for survival, the earth living being including stone age humans started to take their food from different parts of the plants and trees by means of fruits, vegetables, leaves, flowers, grains, seeds, etc. After some extinct, in additional to atmosphere air, plants and trees; the living beings started to take animals and sea living beings too. After the invention of fire and machine the living being especially human being slightly starts to deviate from natural food to manmade some chemically added artificial food. Even though in the synthesize foods, the chemical contents are more or equal to bioform food, its adjustment with the human body, plants, tree and sea living are still not in a satisfied manner. Due to chemicals added nutrients, too many unknown new diseases are caused to humans, plants, and animals. That has already experience with some diseases by human beings. This situation has created only because we are not more concentrate on invisible energy-giving / disease remedy X-Microorganisms.                 

Scientists estimate that 150-200  plants, insects, birds, and mammal are going extinct every day. Biologists say it is nearly 1,000 times the “natural” rate and also it is greater than anything. For example, the world has experienced since the vanishing of the dinosaurs nearly 65m years ago. Researchers and scientists listed out some of the animals became extinct in last 2016. They have named as Northern White Rhino (Only three northern white rhinos exist on the planet after one died recently in US), Ivory-Billed Woodpecker (The ivory-billed woodpecker has not been definitively sighted since 1944), Amur Leopard, South China Tiger, Mountain Gorillas, Saolas, Vaquitas, Hawaiian Crow, etc. But regarding extinct of microorganisms so far scientists didn’t make an account for X -Microorganisms because of its invisibleness.

Environment destruction is continuously happening in the earth. It is mainly due to deforestation, overpopulation, climate change, pollution, natural disaster, and global warming. Species which are physically large and those living in forests or oceans are more affected by habitat reduction due to nonavailability or reducing quantity of their required food or nutrient, shelter, living environment, safety, climate change, survival for fittest, etc. This might be applicable to large living things too. What about microorganism? It is tiny and has the capacity to survive anywhere on the earth planet. The before mentioned sophisticated surroundings are not necessary to it. But its role is very important to all living things in the earth. If we are not care about with these X- Microorganisms then the animal, plants and human and sea livings totally will extinct one day. These microorganisms’ are two types. One is visible (can see aid with some tools) and another one is invisible microorganisms. We have called this as X – Microorganisms.  

                 Wrong thinking about microorganisms  

Whilst the majority of microorganisms are harmless and often beneficial, a small proportion can cause disease in humans. The drugs we use to treat microorganism infections are known as antibiotics, first discovered by Alexander Fleming in 1928. In continuation with him, so many scientists are trying to find out the solutions for many diseases.  We should change our mentality that microorganisms are the agent of spreading diseases. But it is not cent percent true. The human dead are caused by the microorganisms is negligible when compared to the human population. That also may be caused by their indiscipline activity as well as intake improper nutrition or diet. Any way we can’t leave it as just like that. It is whatever the cases may be. We have to give more important to human value. It has also to be considered and need fruitful actions from scientists. Microorganisms do so many good things for humans, it helps to plants, water living being and human. It helps to digest our food, build and calibrate our immune system, protect us from diseases and shape and sculpt our organs.

If you look in the broader living being kingdom, the abilities are even more extraordinary. `Generally scientist and researchers are focusing on air pollution rather than soil and water pollution because human, plant and animal kingdom are mostly established in the land. Of all this, plant is the most important because its contribution to human, animal and other creature can’t be valuable. Further, the annual losses of food and fiber crops, ornamental plants, turf grasses, and trees caused by air pollution are estimated to be more than a billion dollars. Disease caused by air pollution is often evident in plants before it can affect humans or other animals. The important pollutants in the air, includ­ing the inorganic pollutants like sulfur dioxide, fluoride, chlorine, carbon dioxide, carbon monoxide, etc., and the organic pollut­ants like peroxyacetyl nitrate (PAN), ethylene, etc. It is noted that some insects, birds, animals, plants are very sensitive to the pollutant and are having resistant to some extent.

Tentative idea on X – microorganisms

Naturally available resources are always better than artificially produced, in all aspects. Especially nature’s gifts are simple to maintain, healthy, hygienic and cheap in cost-wise. Microbes have been around on the planet for billions of years, before animals or any other large creature came to be. Strictly says they are the true ruler of the earth planet. Plants might have different requirements in different seasons and depending on the microclimate they reside in.          

The amazing fact is we can easily develop X- Microorganism because it does not require more food from us. We know that the elephant is needed more food, human being needs some quantity of food; and needs only a drop of food. Likewise, the microorganism needs only micro level food which is also taken by itself. The only thing is, we have to take some care and can initiate to increase its inhabitants without cost and time. So far we didn’t do anything to develop such X- Microorganism. But due to a lot of sudden changes happening on earth in the form of extinct, the inhabitants of such X- Microorganisms may be decreased. We can’t say sure because of its invisibleness. But definitely, we have to take some steps immediately to safeguard the existing X- Microorganisms.  So that it is necessary to give sufficient focus on retaining X- Microorganisms then only the earth living being will be survived safely.

X- Microorganism is an invisible as gaseous form in nature which is spread in the air at the surface of the earth. It is very much sensible to moisture where ever it may be. Its movement is ‘S’ type, dynamic and its mobility is very fast just like light particle. So we can’t able to see it with any types of microscope because we can’t trace out its movement, from where it comes, to where it has gone.  X- Microorganism can penetrate 360 degree into any type of the biotype dead and non-living things. X- Microorganism identifies it by unique colour, odor,  temperature , shape and size and picks up all moisture in it before the things decay, deteriorate, decompose and deform. But in the case of living things and the water source surrounding it picks up moisture as it required only. It shows effect rarely in some selected kinds metal (iron).

Their roles is, to pickup tiny moisture from bio dead or living things and converts it into ionized form as H+ and OH- ions getting electrolysis by using solar energy  and passes it into air containing the environment. It action carries out in the presence of either sun light or oxygen environment or both. Due to its fast, versatile and dynamic nature it can easily reproduce where the moisture present. It can be easily access any kind of living beings which are in moderate temperature for its reproduction as well as its survival. It survives and sustains well in moderate environmental condition. Mostly it can able to sense any type of moisture form. It helps in many ways. It safeguard us by retaining outside and for other purpose it enters inside of the insects, plants, animals, human and any types of living beings through various parts. It may easily decompose selected gas, bio (especially greenery and coloured things) things and selected metal things. These X - Microorganisms can able to keep the environment clean.

During spraying or watering into the plant, more moisture (water vapour) will be formed around it. In turn, more X – Microorganisms will be produced. This excess formation of X – Microorganisms safeguard outer as well as inner roots of the plants too. In turn, it facilitates other living beings around them somewhat in good level. For examples we take some waste of vegetables, plants, leaves, flowers and keep in the window. Then expose it to air and sunlight and observe for some days. Day by day we can see continuous change in it and one day it has fully changed from its original form to entirely different of new form. These changes cannot be happened automatically or just like that. For some purpose it has happened, that is we can say sure. But which one does this change why? What the benefit of this change to living beings? How we can increase X- Microorganism inhabitants? 

These changes must be useful in many ways to living beings. It shows the current condition and grade (age) of the bio things. From these changes we can easily decide or judge that whether it is opt for eating or nutrients purpose. Without these changes happened, then mistakenly we will take decayed one then ultimately we may suffer from some diseases.  We know very well, where the change happens there an external thing / force act on. It may be happened by physical, chemical things or invisible things by wind, light, temperature, pressure, radiation, force, etc. This change happens definitely by invisible X – Microorganisms only.  For example if a green unripe fruit keep for three to four days in a bag or room and exposed to air. We found there will be a change in colour, taste as well as it ripened. If we still preserved some days, it starts to decay and lose their fragrance, original form and sweet taste too. Also if we cut an apple in slice and expose to air. What will happen? The white colour is changed to brown, it means, it is oxidized.         

For examples we have done some experiments with fruits, flowers, plants, lemon, banana, carrot, chili, leaves, ladies' finger’s etc which were exposed to air and minimum sunlight. After one week we have observed that its shape, size, colour, and odor have changed entirely from its original form. These are as shown in the below given figure. In this ‘no sign’ which one does this. But definitely, it has happened in some kinds of microorganisms. So we called as X – Microorganisms. It can be confirmed by colour change as red, brown, black, brown and also change in shape and size.  

Need improvement in microbiology

At present the science of microbiology division is needed two major developments to assure its evolution. The first one involved improvements in microscopes performance which helps the microorganisms could be better visualized the present invisible X- microorganisms too and the second involved establish the easy, simple, economic and friendly developing methods for culturing helpful microorganisms in the environment.

It is known, we are losing some kinds of animals, plants, species because of nature as well as human activities, but we can’t really appreciate the value of species lost until we know what species are there. Still, 86% of the plants and animals in the land and 91% of the seas have yet to be named. Carl Linnaeus about 250 years ago devised his method of cataloging and naming living things, current estimates range from 3 million to 100 millions. David Kavanaugh, a beetle expert at the California Academy of science said that the research institutions in the advanced countries and the Governments of developed countries are more worried with finding life on Mars planet than on earth. The author “Many microorganisms could be found exactly in our own garden, the house itself. But we don’t have their awareness. Also “Discovery and describing species is more time-consuming process” said Tittensor. Scientists and conservationists are regularly updating the catalog of life with the discovery of new species that obtainable anywhere in the earth.               

     How can we increase X-Microorganism habitants? 

A simple Method is what are the organic wastes especially plants, leaves, flowers, vegetables and fruits which are all generated in the house, garden, office, organization, institution, school, college, university campus are collected and exposed to air with or without sunlight. For the best application, it has to be pulverized or powders or smashes it. Before apply to soil decompose, first it has subjected to air decompose. In this process, all moisture in the bio waste is picked up by the X – Microorganisms. So the inhabitants of X – Microorganisms ultimately increased in the environment. We can see it by the change of bio waste colours.

 First, its moisture is picked up by X – Microorganisms and then start to take some bio minerals by decomposing. Now the organic waste can easy to smash or pulverize it before applied to soil. Why these pulverize or smash process carried out is, the microorganisms in the soil easy decompose this organic waste and convert into manure. Or this powder may also be mixed with water and spray the filtrate straight away to plant and mix the sediments containing biominerals to the soil. Now the plant-soil decomposes the bio waste easily and able to take as nutrients at the same time the X- Microorganisms are also increased in the environment.

Present and my modified hypothesis on ozone


Most of the ozone (unstable) in the stratosphere is formed over the equatorial belt, where the solar radiation is greatest. When highly energetic solar radiation strikes molecules of O2 and causes the two Oxygen atoms to split apart in a process called photolysis. If a free atom collides with another O2, it joins up, forming ozone O3 and it is located as a layer about 22 KM above the earth.

This ozone is formed as a layer to protect UV rays from sunlight and help to reduce global warming.  For all the above reaction, the X – Microorganisms acts as a catalyst and carrying agent in the air, water and soil. 
Again the H2O is involved to above reactions and produces more and more ozone but it depends upon the moisture availability and X – Microorganisms in the atmosphere. It is clearly shown that by increasing bio / organic only we can solve global warming as well as the ozone layer problem. Plenty of moisture is also available in any form of dead plants, fallen or waste leaves, fruits, vegetables, flowers rather than animals and other living beings.

Resemblance in function of X – microorganisms role with H2O2
Some of the below actions clearly indicates that the links between the X- Microorganisms, moisture electrolysis, formation of hydrogen peroxide and ozone.

H2O2 is a powerful oxidizer
Of all oxidizers like chlorine, chlorine dioxide, Hydrogen Peroxide is more powerful oxidizers but less than ozone, hydroxyl radicals (OH) and fluorine. 

Protector and Safe behavior of H2O2
Research studies say that H2O2 is also produced by the action of sunlight on water. This H2O2 is a substance that is essential to the metabolism of a particular organism (X – Microorganisms) or particular metabolic process. We have already seen, the X – Microorganisms can electrolyze moisture to H+ and OH -. This OH - can produce H2O2 also. 
H2O2 ‘s multipurpose function
The fact that hydrogen peroxide is used for seemingly converse applications proves its versatility. For example, it can inhibit the accumulation of some microorganisms such as algae, bacteria, barnacles and protozoa on underground soil. It encourages microbial growth, with help of (X –) microorganisms; it removes contaminations, pollutants and toxins from soil, water, and air. So it is clean up some environmental problems like oil spillage and contaminated groundwater. Also it can easily oxidize pollutants such as iron and sulfides and it is difficult to oxidize pollutants like solvents, gasoline, and pesticides.
It is simply adjusting the conditions of the reaction e.g., pH, temperature (availability of X – Microorganisms). We smell some odors, in the air due to biological (blossoms), human (perfumes, cooking) or nature (rain, soil) activities. These odors will not be sustained in the air. After few seconds it disappears. This may be because of the intermediate formation of H2O2. If the odor sustain in the air, it will create huge problems to some species like ant, insects, birds, animals etc because those species search, identify its nutrients by sensing smell only. That is why it disappeared in a short time.
It oxidizes both organic and inorganic pollutants which contribute to BOD and COD. It oxidizes ferrous iron to ferrous oxide (rust). It is chemically digests complex organics into smaller, less toxic and more biodegradable fragments. It Checks excess bio growth in water and (with catalysis) disinfects process waters and biological effluents. As a pretreatment - degrades toxic, unmanageable or bio-inhibitory organics, rendering them more amenable to biodegradation. It provides supplemental oxygen to improve combustion efficiencies and lower operating temperatures. It generates highly reactive oxygen radicals without the addition of metal catalysts. 

X – Microorganism is the boss

One thing we should keep in our mind that nature has experienced some millions of years than us. So to understand nature fully can’t be possible in our life time and must be complicated to us. But nature can do anything simply which can’t be done by us. For examples its creations in the world as plants, animals, sea living, human being, microorganisms etc. We can’t make even a simple one. The only thing, nature expects from us, to keep environments in smart, safe and maintain it properly.

For that we must think it simple enough not necessary to think big. For example,  plants using carbon dioxide (gas) and water (liquid) to make food glucose (solid) in the presence of sunlight, Cow eats grass and gives milk. One more is we can easily cultivate apple and gets its fruit. We can take it as such or make it juice. This can be done even illiterate one. If we want to make that juice artificially, it requires scientific knowledge as well as some other knowledge too. For manufacturing, it needs huge machinery, skilled people, infrastructure, etc. We should spend more money on it. One more thing, even though artificially prepared juice resembles like apple flavor but it may have side effect which will experience after some days, months or years.

Role of X – microorganisms

We must note that all human beings or living being are not affected by disease. Most of the living beings are survived well because naturally some X – Microorganisms protect our body and not allowed to side which are the diseases producing pathogens. Very few get affected by some incurable diseases and some of us affect by minor diseases. This may cause due to insufficient X – Microorganisms in their environment as well as less immunity in their health. To cope with their attack some suitable drug (antibiotic) is given to get rid of pathogens from the body.
Mostly the invisible X- Microorganisms safeguard to all living beings by struggle with some visible harmful microorganisms in air as well as inside of the living being body. If the required inhabitants X-Microorganisms are not in the atmospheric air, the pathogen called Microorganisms capable of causing disease and usually enters to weak control bodies through the eyes, mouth, nose, or urogenital openings, or through wounds or bites that breach the skin barrier. X - Microorganisms can spread, or be transmitted, by several routes.

Microbes shield us

Many of the beneficial X – Microorganisms surround up, ever active and protect to living beings and food items to some extent.


They are not allowed unwanted some pathogens to inside of the living beings, stand firm and crowd others out. They form skin barriers, cleaning, moisturizing and protecting. They colonies and guard the mucus-lined bits at the entrance to the passageways (e.g. up the nose, in the mouth...).


They chase and fight off the undesirables using chemical warfare and help protect us from auto-immune diseases.


Some X – Microorganisms give energy and also detoxify some of the harmful / poisonous things we’ve eaten.


They help build our ‘immune cell-making factories’ (most of which are in the burn down) and help our immune cells reproduce. They give strength to our body.


They help train our immune system in what to accept or reject (by chemical, colour, odor, size and shape recognition) and provide instructions to ‘trainer immune cells’. So they recognize and don’t attack helpful microbes.


When we die, our bodies stop working, our immune systems stop working. The X – Microorganisms take over first and then microbes’ roles are continued.

Improve Ozone layer

Past few years, a thought came to my mind why too many leaves are there in the plant and why some plants live for hundreds of years? What is the purpose of too many unwanted/unused leaves in the plants. Why some of the leaves are not being useful to the living being. Why the leaves are slightly above the ground level? Why the grass, bushes grow anywhere without doing anything? For these entire questions I got answers now.

1   * Most of the big and small plants leaves are not useful to the living being because it is exclusively created by the nature for non-stop supply of most useful gases like O2, and CO2. If these leaves are consumed or used for the various purposes, then the supply of O2 and CO2 gases will be affected. If the scarcity or imbalance of gases happens in the atmospheric air which leads to climatic, living problems. It is purposely created for the benefit of all living beings but indirectly.

2  * The plant and trees grow to some or very much height and the leaves are strongly connected to stem like umbrella style. This is because the sunlight should penetrate all over the plant and helpful to avoid fast evaporation of the water around the plant. Its dense shadow to do this. Also if the leaves are grow low height or ground level then it will be a chance to face many problems which will be created by the soil connected miroorganisms and other living beings like human and animals. More over plants and trees are helped to give food in various forms like fruits, vegetables, flowers to living beings. It is used as a shelter for animals, birds which helps to reproduce their heredity.

3.   * Grass, bushes are also we can see many places and it grows without doing anything because it can also able to prepare glucose. So it conveys the moisture from the earth to atmospheric air through its roots and leaves. Some of them are used as food, medicine for some animals and humans too.

4  * Plants both in land and sea can only grow itself anywhere without any help from living beings. But it grows by the help of sunlight, gases in the atmosphere air, (both O2 and CO2 which are produced by it), microorganisms, rain water, and ground water.

    *  It can able to produce its food in the form of glucose by photosynthesis which is most important for all living beings.

6.  *  It is the only species can serve food for energy, antibiotics for disease to entire living beings in the world even microorganisms too.

    *  Within a single place it can able to give different types, tasty, colourful and pleasant smell nutrition to all living being for many years.

8 *  Repeatedly fall and growth of leaves, fruits, flowers leads to grow many more plants by using its seeds from the fruits and all others (dead things) are become as manure.

  *  By the help of roots it sucks water from the ground (stored rain water) and spread to atmospheric air through leaves.

   *  The X –Microorganisms get its survival of gases in the forms of moisture and keep the atmosphere clean as well as to help for Nitrogen, carbon, water like cycles.

* If any parts of the plant get damaged or fall / cut down, again it can able to grow and attain its original form.       

So far we define the Photosynthesis (in the presence of light and chlorophyll) reaction as follows:

Carbon dioxide + Water --------------> Oxygen + Carbon-rich foods

CO2 + H2O + O2 --------------> C6H12O6 

Present as per net the reaction is

6CO2 + 6H2O in presence of light energy and chlorophyll gives C6H12O6 +6O2..
But the feasibility of the above reaction is uncommon and it may be modified because the formation of glucose is very critical and it will not be happened so easy. It needs some ionic catalyst to complete it.

      This may be modified as the moisture means all water in the leaves, vegetables, fruits, wood, flowers, human, and animal including all livings excretion like urine, and its waste too.   
Day time O2 liberation reactions
2H2O (moisture) electrolyzes to 2H+ and 2OH- (Presence of X – Microorganisms + chlorophyll + Sunlight)
CO2 + 2H+ + 2OHgive CH4  (methane) + 2O2 (Oxygen)
3CH4 + 3CO2 give C6H12O6
4CO2+2H2O+2CH4   gives C6H12O6 + 2O2 (Oxygen)        Overall Reaction
First water is ionized as 2H+ + 2OH-

Then it is react with CO2 and give Methane and Oxygen

These two gases again react with CO2 and form Glucose.   

To prove the above reaction when the bio / organic things are decomposing it releases some methane gas and oxygen which is used for fire.

Night time CO2 liberation reaction

Excess CH4 in the plant + O2 give CO2 + H2O (absence of sunlight) 

The completion of photosynthesis process is only in the night.


Step by step new scientific discoveries are taking forward us to review and realize new complexities of the microbial world and our relationship with it. Daily new scientific techniques are trying to give the simple and safest solutions to the earth human beings from some experiments and analyze the secret and complexity of the microbial world. Our belief systems may be challenged yet again, after reading this paper. It is fact, we are a community and many of our microbial inhabitants can reproduce every twenty minutes – are we now capable of evolving within our own lifetimes? It is hard to accept now; but we believe in due course, world scientists will be focused on X- microorganisms and implement a suitable method to increase its habitants as well as safe guard our earth's planet and all earth living beings.  Our future work in buildings and cities should find ways to provide healthier environments for our city to grow up in. For example our studies are indicating ways that we could start to culture the healthy mixes of X- microorganisms into our homes, public buildings and hospitals to stop the dangerous colonies of bacteria and viruses before they enter into living beings. We hope this paper may contribute to some extend to make hygiene and healthier atmosphere to all living being in the earth planet. 

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