Thursday, 20 June 2019

Emission Gas Diluter (EGD) for Bike, Auto, Car like Vehicles to avoid air pollution and eco friendly environment

Emission Gas Diluter (EGD) for Bike, Auto, Car like Vehicles
(Registered Design)

By K.K.Gangadharan & K.G.BALAJI
(Received design registration)

Nowadays emission from the auto vehicle is very much high. It should be diluted before exhaust from auto silencer.  For that EGD is designed.

EGD is nothing but a special type of cover. It can be fixed in the existing exhaust silencer of the auto vehicles. Its function is, dilute the emission of pollutants by mixing with air.   
Advantages of EGD

* The emission of pollutant gases from the auto vehicles silencer have diluted with fresh air by the provision of Emission Gas Diluter.

* During signal, most of the vehicles emit pollutant gases. Especially the person coming or staying (back) behind the following vehicle will not be much affected by the silencer smoke due to EGD.

* Most of the Carbon particle emits from silencer will be settled inside of the EGD too. So the out coming gas is having lesser pollutant gas. 

* The outer temperature of the EGD will not be too hot because the silencer is kept inside of the EGD.

* For maintenance purpose, EGD can be easily removed and re-fit it.

* EGD will be more attractive when riding. (Emission of pollutant gas will be almost negligible)

* EGD doesn’t need extra arrangement.

* EGD cost wise it is cheap and it will depend upon the material used.

* EGD will keep the environment eco-friendly.


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