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New Dashboard in Vehicle - FUEL % and Fuel QTY (Lits) in Tank With KM Projection and Time Projection


To indicate the % of fuel is available in a vehicle, quantity of the fuel, projection of distance and time taken to empty the fuel.


In the fast and digital world, everyone wants anyone should be in digital, picture, video and also simple form. People’s Thinking and memory capacity is very much decreased. Even some people are not remembering their mobile number itself. Nowadays next to Mobile phone, Automobile sector is becoming essential one to all parts of the world people. Vehicles are using for commercial or private purpose. Even lower class people also try to use a vehicle depending upon their usage and finance position. Generally speaking well financial background people buy a brand new model of car / bike / van /bus / lorry etc., Poor financial people will buy a second hand motor cycle. For commercial purpose people are buying bus, lorry, van, auto etc., but the necessity of the travelling by the people day by day is in increasing trend. It is unavoidable to one and becoming essential too. For that many of the people buy a small to big size vehicle for their own or somebody hire a vehicle or they take the vehicle as rent. Even somebody use neighbour, friends, company, relative vehicle etc.,. During that time every people met some bad experience. To avoid this bad experience some more sophistication is expecting from the automobile manufacturer. But they don't know what people are expected further? 

To identify their expectation, one should imagine or feel something to provide extra advantage for the customer without investing extra money. But it should be a reasonable one also all should get advantage form it. Generally people are now aware of efficiency of the vehicle. It is due to cost of the fuel! Also anyone can't judge the efficiency of the fuel as well as the efficiency of the engine. When we analyse the history of the Automobile, first indicator was provided how much KM / Miles that the vehicle has traveled (Speedometer)? Then speed of the motor cycle (Mile or KM per Hour)! Fuel level indicator (Fuel level) in fuel tank etc., Of all this most useful one is Fuel Quantity indicator. It is the most important one. Without fuel nothing can do. 

Apart from this 4 more displays are needed to satisfy customers.
Note: All displays are based on the fuel level indicator.

1. Display the percentage of the available fuel (With respect to the total volume of the fuel tank)
2. Quantity of the Fuel can be checked. (How much liters of fuel is available in the fuel tank as well as top up fuel quantity)
3. How much KM / Miles can travel with available fuel.
4. How much time will take to empty the fuel.


Some of the useful points of the above indicators

1. Indicate the percentage of the available fuel:

Nowadays people are needed a display (indicator) which will be available direct, sharp and accurate (without calculating / without assuming / without monitoring). If the vehicle’s dash board is having digitally display of the % of the available fuel, it is very much easy to know the clear cut fuel stock and how much further needed. Say instead of Empty, one line, two line... 9 line , the display may be indicate as 0% , 10% , 20%, 30%  ..... 90%  & 100%. Anyone can easy judge the level of the fuel. This is needed to calibrate the fuel tank exactly from the level of fuel indicator.

2. Top up Quantity of the Fuel can be checked:

After the display the % of Fuel, based on the % , it will automatically gives the Quantity of the fuel with respect the fuel % display. For example say the Fuel level display shows 0% , 10% , 20% ..... 90% & 100% like that. Please note that already fuel tank is accurately calibrated the % Vs the Quantity (liters) of the fuel. For example, 0% shows 0 lit , 10% shows 2 lits, 20% shows 5 lits.... 90% shows 25 lits , Full tank shows - 28 lits. Due to all are digitally display anyone can directly know the actual availability of the fuel quantity. Also one can verify the fill up (top up) the fuel quantity. Say, if the initial indicator shows 20% which shows 5 lits. If one fill up (top up) 10 lit  then the % of the fuel level is increase say 42% which may show 15 lits. So that any customer can check the approximate / correct top up quantity of the fuel filled.

3. How much KM / Miles can travel with available fuel :

This is important display which is the most useful in many ways. For Example during come across the traffic signal, previously there were an indication of lights which are Red (for Stop), Yellow (for watch) and Green (for Go). In that time only Stop and GO lights were very important to manage the traffic. But the duration of ‘Stop to Go’ is not at all a constant one in all signal. It has varied from signal to signal depend upon the rush of the area. In heavy rush places, the ‘Stop to Go’ duration is very high when compare to less rush one. This will be a nu-sense and little bit uncomfortable to both walking people and riding vehicles. Because of no one can’t judge that how much time it will take to glow 'GO' light? 

After a long year or in due course, traffic department has provided a 'Timer' to judge the (display the countdown duration) time taken or how much time is there to become glow  'GO' (Green) light. Then it has become significant in the traffic signal because any people can easily know the waiting time. 

Like this, during riding a vehicle, apart from fuel level it is very much essential to know how much KM / Mile can travel with available fuel. This can easily do with the help of Fuel quantity. 

4. How much time will take to empty the fuel.

From the display of the Fuel quantity, we can easy arrive how much time it will take to empty the fuel because we have already know the KM / liter by experience.

Reason to do this project:

This is because; nowadays many vehicles are in the market with different type and different fuel efficiency. Even fuel indicator is available some time we can see vehicle is stopping in the middle of the road because we can’t know exactly quantity of fuel is available in the vehicle. Quantity of fuel may be reduced due to evaporation, leak in the tank or tube, fraud in the petrol / diesel bunk.  

People can't able to come conclusion to understand the KM or Mile per lit. Each and every model is having different efficiency. It can be approximately calculated by average speed of the vehicle. This will help the rider to assume the distance can be traveled with remaining fuel quantity.
Also another advantage is anyone want to travel a distance (distance can be known form Google map), he can easily fill up the fuel not more or not less. It helps economy and as well help to improve the efficiency. Also no one can give the faulty report that is the quantity of the fuel needed. This will help to check the efficiency of the engine. Also each petrol bunk is having various types of fuel. They are selling in the name of speed or premium fuel with premium prize. But we don't have any proof, what they are selling is true. It can be easily checked in this indicator. From this one can know the fuel bunk's quality of fuel as well as the quantity of the fuel. Both can be checked by these displays.

Working Method is based on Calibration of Fuel Tank:

Note : It is a chance that Manufacturer may make a fuel tank as standard  one. So the level of the tank can easily measure. Now it is available in different shape and size.

First fill the fuel tank with water or any oil
Drain the oil at the rate of 250 ml or 1 mm and note the height / level of the tank (measure the height of the tank from top to bottom by the use of tape).
Until it will be carried out last 250 ml / last 1 mm.
Again fill the tank with 250 ml.
Add every 250 ml or 1 mm oil and simultaneously note the height of the fuel tank.
This will be carried out until last 250 ml filled.
In these two operations we can know the total volume or capacity of the fuel tank.
For example: Say The fuel tank volume is : 10.5 lits
For every 250 ml is :    250 X 100
                                     --------------    = 2.4 % (if the tank in regular shape)
2.4 % X 42 division: 100 %

From the % we can easily calculate the Quantity.                         
Say for example : If the tank is having 15% means :
2.4 % = 250 ml
Then 15% =   15 X 250
                     --------------      = 1562 ml  or 1.56 Lits

If you fill 5 lit fuel in the tank , then the tank level is
Starting % 15 and the Quantity is 1.56 lit

Filled 5 lit = 1.56 + 5.0 = 6.56 lits
Then indicate the % as  250 ml  = 6560 X 2.4 %
                                                     --------------------    = 62.9 % say 63 %

From this we can calculate the KM / Miles with available fuel in the fuel tank.
Say we assume that the Fuel tank is having 3.5 lit of fuel. And assume that the vehicle's average speed is 60 KM / Hour and giving milage is 60 KM per lit.

So for fuel quantity of 3.5 lit it will show that you can travel still 210 KM with available fuel in the tank.

* From this it shows that the time taken for 210 KM
That is, it shows 3h 30 min (The average speed of the vehicle is 60 KM per Hour)


    1.   Due to Fuel quantity display and Distance yet can be traveled; we may fully avoid the stoppage of vehicle in the middle road.
    2.   You can see the top up quantity of fuel by the Petrol bunk from the display
    3.   Evaporation loss, leakage loss, bunk people fraud can be known
    4.   Efficiency of the Engine and fuel can be easily arrived.
    5.    Anyone knows the status of fuel from this display.
    6.   Excess of fuel not necessary to be stocked.


From these four displays, anyone can travel comfortably. Stoppage in the middle road can be fully avoided. It will be a mile stone in the automobile industry.


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